Friday, May 17, 2013

Pre-Construction Meeting!

Finally!!! I've been waiting to have this meeting for what seems like forever because now this means we're extremely close to starting the building process. We met our PM today and he seems very nice. He told us they are knocking down trees on our lot on Monday (sad the trees have to go) and they will be digging and pouring our basement late next week!

The meeting took about 1.5hrs and we thoroughly went over all of the options we chose, the plot plan and electrical placement. We added outlets in two of the kitchen cabinets (at the base), so that my husband can later install under-cabinet accent lights. We also added a phone line and a couple extra outlets in the unfinished room in the basement.

My favorite part of the meeting? Our PM ok'd our special request to expand our mudroom (or lack thereof), by eliminating the closet that is right beside it. This will allow us to have a larger mudroom with room to build an area to sit for our shoes and hooks to hang our coats!

Our SR said that they are going with another fireplace surround company and there were a few new granite choices. We switched from Venetian Gold to Wheatfield. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the new color but its lighter than the Venetian gold and doesn't have the black specs in it. It's almost a taupe color. Love it!!!

Overall, we're very pleased so far and extremely excited to see progress now :)


  1. Congrats ! Your lucky that your PM is expanding your mudroom ! Love your granite color too !

    1. Thanks! I think the only reason he agreed to do it was because he thought it was a great idea and wanted to see the end result, to possibly bring it to the company to make it an option ;) I better get a cut out of their future profit for that "option", since it was my idea!!! Haha

  2. That's very cool that your PM was able to let you change things! That's doesn't happen a lot!!

  3. I know! I was almost positive that he would shoot it down!